Upravit stránku

Our wide production range of customized booster units is typically, but not only, used by supermarkets with various capacity requirements for cold and freeze production. Technical solution, e.g. with a parallel compressors, HP, or LP ejectors etc. ensures achieving high cooling efficiency. Heat energy recovery is enabled in transcritical mode due to dedicated heat exchangers which can be installed in the machines. Using CO2 as refrigerant is a future proof solution. 

Example of booster MT: 15,5 kW; -8°C; LT: 5 kW; -32/+35°C 
Example of booster MT: 148 kW; -3,5°C; LT: 20,7 kW; -28/+35°C
Example of booster MT: 46 kW; -9°C; LT: 20 kW; -30/+35°C

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