Upravit stránku

Production cycle

DESIGN: The process of technical design of refrigeration and HVAC technology starts with choosing the optimal concept and solution for the unit. Above all, special focus is aimed to the economic operation, long-term lifetime and last but not least, to the overall ecological operation of selected equipment. Appointed project manager prepares projects’ time schedule and creates P&ID, which is followed by the technical design using 3D graphic editors and special software for design of electrical switchboards.

PRODUCTION: Sinop SMP s.r.o. is equipped with state-of-the-art sheet metal processing equipment such as: punching and laser cutting machines, automated stock of metal sheets, welding robots, bending machines and CNC machining centres. The modern semi-automatic powder painting plant allows colour finishing according to customer requirements.

ASSEMBLY: During assembly of machines at Sinop CB a.s. great attention is paid to the cleanliness of all components used in the cooling circuit. The skills and assembly experience of our employees guarantee the overall quality of units made by Sinop.

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