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45 /Turbine diameter
0006Turbine lenght
CodeTypeVoltage / Frequency
power input
Turbine diameter(mm)Turbine lenght  c (mm)Fan lenghtt  a (mm)
Turbine fans
7250480QLK45/0006230 / 50154562140
7250481QLK45/0012230 / 501745122200
7250482QLK45/0018230 / 502645182265
7250440QLK45/2400230 / 503245242331
7250444QLK45/3000230 / 503245302391
Turbine fans - double
7250446QLK45/1818230 / 5032452x182492
7250447QLK45/2424230 / 5046452x242620

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