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Soda makers with taps LIMA

The purposes of soda makers are to make soda water and to tap cold beverage (like water, wine and other beverages in KEGs) by taps. Thermal exchange is made by aluminium block, which contains coils of stainless steel tubes and saturator.
The horizontal organization of the cooling unit ensures efficient flow of intake air. Soda makers LIMA with ecological coolant R-134a meets European standards for approval of product quality.
The inputs placed in the middle of the bottom enable to connect the beverage and gas hoses from any direction.
To these products we hold certificates CE and TÜV.

Soda makers with touch desk SOFT STREAM, SMART STREAM

The purposes of soda makers Soft and Smart stream are to make soda water and to tap cold water using controls at touch desk. Smarts stream could make even hot water.

Soda makers with button control SAMBA

Soda makers Samba produces soda water, cool the drinking water and taps them using control buttons.

Soda maker to in-build – BASE STREAM

 This soda maker is designated for build in cabinet. There is possibility to use of separated water tap for soda water or combined water tap with soda makers output and water line output.