Upravit stránku
CodeDiameter   a
Recommended engine typeHeight   b(mm)TypeBlade angelFlow
Sucking propeller
72502111545 W32sucking28100
72502121545 W37sucking34140
72502141725 W42sucking28180
72502172005 W47sucking28300
725022023010 W52sucking28630
725022325416 W57sucking28840
725022630025 W62sucking281400
Pressing propeller
72502311545 W67pressing2828
72502321545 W72pressing3428
72502341725 W77pressing28180
72502372005 W82pressing28300
725024023010 W87pressing28630
725024325416 W92pressing28840
725024630025 W97pressing281400

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