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Capacity WDT 10°CAir flow (m3)Fan´s input
Electric defrostElectric defrost input (W)
Fin spacing 3,1 mm
7150201SHA30N32175060092/1DE 12500
7150202SHA40N32235070092/1DE 6650
7150203SHA60N3237001200184/2DE 13900
7150204SHA80N3247001400184/2DE 81200
7150205SHA120N3270502100276/3DE 91750
7150206SHA160N3294002800368/4DE 102300
Fin spacing 4,8 mm
7150211SHA21N50155070092/1DE 12500
7150212SHA27N50195080092/1DE 6650
7150213SHA41N5031001400184/2DE 13900
7150214SHA53N5039001600184/2DE 81200
7150215SHA79N5058502400276/3DE 91750
7150216SHA106N5078003200368/4DE 102300
Fin spacing 7,7 mm
7150221SHA14N80110080092/1DE 12500
7150222SHA17N80145090092/1DE 6650
7150223SHA28N8022001600184/2DE 13900
7150224SHA35N8029001800184/2DE 81200
7150225SHA52N8043502700276/3DE 91750
7150226SHA70N8058003600368/4DE 102300

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